What camp oven should i buy?

Any brand camp oven will be suitable as long as you look after it.

The most familiar brands of cast iron camp ovens you will find at your local camping store here in Australia are:

Cast Iron Brands:

Steel Camp Oven Brands:

Below are some key points to remember when purchasing a new camp oven.

  • Make sure the lid fits well. – Due to the way camp ovens are manufactured, it is common for the lid to not to fit snug and it is important that they are a match.
  • There are no defects or large holes. – Due to the sand casting of the camp ovens, the ovens can have dags or holes, and while it is okay, you don’t want too many.
  • Is it already pre-seasoned? – A pre-seasoned camp oven is great as it is ready to use. Yet, we do recommend you give it a quick wash and light coat of cooking oil.
  • Does it have a lip on the lid? It is important if you are cooking with coals or briquettes that the camp oven has a lip to stop the coals falling off.