Group Rules

Camp Oven Cooking Community is an online community of like-minded members who help each other get the most out of camp oven cooking.

Some things you can do in the group:

  • Show off something you have cooked
  • Share a recipe
  • Ask how to season a camp oven
  • Seek information bout your camp oven
  • Ask how old your camp oven is
  • Sell a second-hand camp oven

However to keep it civil, please abide by these simple rules:

  • Delete if not appropriate” – Let’s be clear if you feel the need to say “Delete if not appropriate” do not post it. If you are unsure please contact the admin first.
  • Chinese Vs Australia – Spun Steel Vs Cast Iron – We don’t really care what your cook-ware is made of, nor do we care where it is made. If you can afford an Aussie made item, that’s great, but most of us are happy with any cook-ware that works well. So, to make it clear, any attempts to shame others for their cook-ware and where it is made, will not be tolerated.
  • Aluminium/Alzheimer’s Disease debates – If someone posts an item that has an aluminium cooking device/container/pot/vessel etc, any comments that relate to the safety/health issues etc surrounding cooking in, eating out of and any other issue will be deleted.
    Make your own choice if you want to choose to NOT use aluminium cookware. Do NOT proselytise your unfounded beliefs here. (and I use proselytise deliberately)
  • Advertising or spam – We want to support you however you must contact us first or your post will be removed (2nd offence will have the user removed) It’s all about being reasonable and not “taking the piss”.
  • Contacting Members – Be careful about sending an unsolicited private message – If you want to take something ‘offline’ ask the person publicly first, e.g. “can we continue this discussion via DM?” Anybody who is found to be DM’ing others and making them feel uncomfortable will be deleted and blocked without question.
  • Mods/admins word is final – Occasionally we have to turn off comments on or delete a post due to things getting … off-topic. Don’t create another post to question or argue this. If we have made a mistake, understand that wouldn’t have been our intention—we try and be fair in all our decisions but sometimes things slip through the cracks.

Now, go back to the group and talk Camp Oven Cooking. 🙂